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Tumble Class Descriptions

Long Island Cheer's


Tumble 1

Introduction Class 

Skills Mastered: Front/Back Walkovers, Round Offs 

 Focus on following instructions, coordination, and skills


Tumble 2

Intermediate Tumble Class 

Skills Mastered: Round off Triple BHS & Standing Series BHS 

Required:Front/Back Walkover, Round-off pop


Tumble 3/4

Advanced Tumble Class 

Skills Mastered: RO BHS Tucks and Layouts, Standing Tucks, Standing BHS tucks, Jump Tumbling 

Required: Round-off Triple BHS & Standing Triple BHS 


Tumble 5

Elite Tumble Class 

Skills Mastered: Fulls, Standing Fulls, & Multi jump tumble 

Required: Round-off BHS Layout, Round-off Layout, Standing Triple BHS Layout, Standing Tuck


Boys Tumble

Boys All Ages & All Abilities 

 Agility training, Tumbling, Strength, Endurance, Parkour

Tumble Stars

Ages 2-5

Fun with obstacle & trampoline while learning tumbling skills 


Intro To Cheer

Ages 9 & under

Learn to Dance, Jump, tumble, & CHEER in this FUN class!


Standing Tumble

Ages 6 & up

Get your standing BHS, BHS series, BHS Tuck, Standing Tuck, and Standing Full.


Cheer Basics

Grades 6-12 Learn all aspects of Cheerleading

Work on Tumble, Jumps, Motion, & Stunts


Open Gym

Ages 8 & up

Use our facility to better your skills- Supervised  


 Make sure you ask about our birthday parties and summer camps!