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icon08/09/2017 - The Cheerleader Magazine Stunt Clinic

The Cheerleader Magazine and Angel Rice are here to stunt with you!
Come join us on August 13th with TCLM and learn new skills!
Session 1 - 2-4pm.
Session 2 - 4-6pm.
1 session costs $85.
2 sessions costs $120.

icon08/02/2017 - Parent Classes are here!


Just 6 days left until our Grand Opening!!!
Join us this Sunday, July 9th 12-4pm.
Open to all!


icon04/05/2017 - Long Island Cheer Stunt Clinics!

Long Island Cheer is holding Stunt Clinics April 11th- April 13th
Information is below
•Each clinic is $25.
•Clinics are open to everyone, not just LI Cheer members.
•There is no commitment to a team by attending, but it will better prepare you for all-star cheer.
•Current LIC Athletes are highly recommended to come to their current level.
•They can attend up to the level of their current tumble ability.
• Any athlete recovering from an injury or going through a mental block can get the OK from any all-star coach to attend a certain clinic. This will be at the COACHES DISCRETION.

•Current LIC athletes are not permitted to skip levels of the clinic they should attend all in between.
Example: Someone on a level 1 mini with a tuck (level 3) should take levels 1, 2 and 3 to get the most out of the clinics.
They do have the choice to opt out of their current level, but they must take those levels in between. They can't jump from their current level 1 to level 3 without attending level 2.

icon06/15/2016 - New Tumble Class Format!

It is with great excitement that we are announcing our new Tumble Class Format!

This year we are running our all-star program separate from our class program.
This has increased the coach to athlete ratios per class.
The average ratio is 6 athletes to 1 coach. 

The format consists of separate time slots dedicated for registered athletes who are NOT all-stars.
The classes are for all ages!
More structured progression format is present.

To advance to the next tier level, athlete's must "test" using our new report card

The report card holds a set of guidelines our staff have found extremely useful in the High School/College format. 
The skills learned up to level 5 are most necessary to be on an elite high school of college team.
Please speak with one of our tumbling staff or front desk for more information.