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Program Details

Information about our program traditions, sportsmanship, practices, rosters, and competitions, and policies.

Tryouts 2018

Click the link above for all 2018 All-Star Tryouts information

All-Star Teams!

Here At Long Island Cheer, we specifically evaluate every athlete and their capabilities. Regardless of skill or age athletes are placed on a team fitting to their level.  The only case there may be alternates are if you are showing exceptional improvement throughout the year and we want your athlete to train/practice with a more advanced team.

Tryouts are now in session and new teams are being formed. Check back in June for our 2018-2019 Team list!

All-Star Prep

Our All-Star Prep teams are for the athletes who are looking for an off season work out after school cheer is over or are interested in All-Star but simply cannot commit to our full-year All-Star Cheerleading program. We offer a variety of age groups and levels to suit all athletes. 


Click the link to view the All-Star Schedule and Monthly Outfit Schedule!

Cheerleader of the Month

Each month we choose an athlete to represent the Cheerleader of the Month. This Cheerleader expresses dedication, strength, skill, & inspiration! This is a coveted title that motivates athletes in our program as well as identifying those who dedicate their time and effort to becoming better cheerleaders as a whole!! 

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