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pertaining to our All-Star program. 

About All-Star

Team Rosters

Please note that no athlete has an absolute guarantee of a roster spot on ANY PARTICULAR TEAM. The coaching staff reserves the right, at any time, without notice, to change the rosters of the teams by adding, rearranging, or removing athletes to/from teams from a performance, practice, or the entire program. We attempt to make roster changes as infrequent as possible and with as much warning as possible. Athletes may be removed from our program at any time for reasons which may include, but are not limited to: attitude problems, absences and/or tardiness, talent level, lack of improvement, lack of financial responsibility, fitness level of an athlete, and personality conflicts between athletes, coaches, parents, or anyone else involved in our program. There will be no refunds of tuition given in the event of removal from a team. 


Sportsmanship and team unity are very important to our organization. Please be courteous and considerate to all teams and athletes. This includes OTHER all-star programs and other Long Island Cheer teams. Please keep one's negativity to yourself regarding any other person, decision or result. IT IS VERY CONTAGIOUS! Positivity is the key to determination and success. This also includes the internet and message boards. We live to teach our athletes respect and sportsmanship inside AND outside of the gym. Anyone who behaves in a manner in or out of the gym that we view as extremely inappropriate may be asked to leave our program.
NOTE - Athletes whose parents are excessively negative or obnoxious will be removed from the program. We are trying to create positivity and a pleasant learning environment. if there are issues please schedule a meeting with Mark, Melissa, or Andre.


Attendance is very important to the success of the teams. We will give each athlete a calendar to fill out with all the dates that he/she may miss during the season. This allows us to plan around any excused absences that may occur during the season.
NOTE - If a last-minute excused absence is scheduled for important school events or family matters. A refund MAY not be given in return, as some competitions/companies don't refund PERIOD. Some fees are nonrefundable and will be lost if events, as listed before, are scheduled too late.


We participate in several local and national competitions throughout the year. These provide our program with an opportunity to showcase our talents and compete with other programs. We strongly encourage parents, family, and friends to attend these competitions to help support all of our teams. All athletes will be expected to be PRESENT and show support for ALL Long Island Cheer Teams. IN OTHER WORDS, athletes may not arrive late or leave early from competitions and miss any LIC team performance without prior permission. Under no circumstances should anyone other than the coaching staff contact the hosting companies with questions or requests for information. LIC will attempt to provide you with everything you need to know at the appropriate time.
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