Please read all the listed sections for details
pertaining to our All-Star program. 

Tryouts 2019

The 2019/20 Tryouts are here!

Athletes and parents, please be mindful of the tryout process. 

-Clinics are provided to give kids an extra boost in areas they may need help in.
-The more our coaches get to work with an athlete the easier it will be to place them appropriately.
-Evaluations days of may 13th-May 17th are recommended to mix and match athletes for stunting. Attend if possible!
-Teams are created based on the number of athletes that tryout and the abilities they have. 
If you mark down two teams, coaches will pick the best two teams for the athlete and the program.


At the moment only tumbling is available.
Dance Videos are now available on the YouTube playlist!

Dance will be performed to music during your tryout level.
If you are trying out for Level 2 and 3, you must learn both dances.

Tryout videos are intended to demonstrate technique and skill sets required/preferred for each level.

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