With Cheerleading now a sport in the state of NY, 
L.I.Cheer's staff now have met the required criteria for working with Scholastic Teams in New York.  Our All-Star Staff are also all USASF certified and members, as well as CPR/First Aid Certified.

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Mark Donnelly

"What you want, wants you"! 

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, Violence & Prevention, Child Abuse, Concussion, DASA, ACCA, USASF Tumbling 1-5

-USASF Member
-Former Level 5 All-Star Cheerleader & competitior at The Cheerleading Worlds 
-Former Championship Coach at Centereach High School
-Former Competitive Gymnast
-Class of 2005 Stony Brook University: BA in Economics & Business Management, Summa Cume Laude 
-Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key Honor Societies 
-Class of 2002 Centereach High School: Valedictorian 
-Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Coach Realtors 


Melissa Gelardi-Pfaffe

"Those who live passionately teach us how to love. Those who love passionately teach us how to live"! 

Cerifications: First Aid/CPR, Violence & Prevention, Child Abuse,Concussion, Dasa, ACCA, USASF Level 1-5 Stunts

-LINY Founder
-USASF Member
-LICCA Member
-New York State Teacher Certification in Elementary Eduation & Visual Arts
-Former Championship Coach at Centereach High School
-Former Hofstra University Cheerleader
-Former Connetquot High School Cheerleader and Captain
-Former Company Competitive Dancer
-Customized Cheer & Dance Music Composer
-Over 20 years of Competitive Dance and Cheerleading Experience


Andre Banks

"Achieve, Believe, Succeed...Any Questions?" #DONTSUCK 

Certifications:First aid/CPR, Violence & Prevention, Child Abuse, Concussion, DASA, ACCAA, USASF level 1-5 Tumbling

-All Star Director
-Head Choreographer
-LINY Founder
-LICCA Member

-USASF Member 
-Former Level 5 All-Star Athlete
-Former NCA Staff
-Former Walt Whitman Varsity Coach
-Former Cheerleading Captain at Hofstra University
-16 Years of Competitive Cheerleading Experience


Kris Kunze

Discipline is doing what  you know needs to be done, even if you don't want to do it! 

Certifications:First Aid/CPR, Violence & Prevention, Child Abuse, Concussion, DASA, ACCA

-Tumble Class and Private Lesson Instructor
-All-Star Competition Coach
-USASF Level 1-5 Certified
-USASF Member

-2016 Nfinity Regent
-Music Creator for Customized Cheer and Dance Music
-Former Level 5 Athlete of 6 Years
-Former Volunteer Coach for High School Competitive Cheer Squad
-11 Years of Competitive Cheerleading Experience
-5 Years Cheer Staff with Camp Woodward 


Christina Domanico

"Imagine with all your mind. 
Believe with all your heart. 
Achieve with all your might"!

Certifications:First Aid/CPR, Violence & prevention, Child Abuse, Concussion, DASA, ACCAA

-Assistant All-Star Director 
-All-Star Competitive Coach
-Tumble Class and Private Lesson Instructor
-Former Connetquot High School Competitive Cheerleader
-Former Suffolk Community College Cheerleader
-14 Years of Competitive Cheerleading Experience
-Former GForce cheer camp instructor 
-Former NYPD cheerleader 


Melissa Greenfield

"Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, Child Abuse, Violence & Prevention, Concussion, DASA, 

-All-Star Competitive Coach
-Tumble Class and Private Instructor Coach
-Camp & Birthday Party Instructor 
-Former Mount Sinai Varisty Cheerleader & Captain
-14 years overall cheerleading experience
-3 years of All Star cheerleading experience
-Former level 5 All Star Athlete
-Currently Attending SUNY Old Westbury for a B.A in Childhood Education 
-Suffolk Community College honors graduate 


Michelle Martorano

"Trust your team. Trust your coach. Trust yourself."

Certifications:First Aid/ CPR, Violence & Prevention, Child Abuse, Concussion, DASA, ACCAA

- All-Star Competitive Coach
- Tumble, Stunt, Intro to cheer
- "Sparkle" Special Needs All-Star Competitive Team Coach
- Competitive dancer for 15 years
- Competitive cheerleader for 10 years
- Former Centereach High School Championship Cheerleader and Captain
- Former Suffolk CC and Hofstra University Cheerleader
- Current gymnastics coach with 7 years of coaching experience
- Current acro dance teacher with 6 years of teaching experience
- Former Centereach High School JV cheerleading coach
- Former Comsewogue High School JV cheerleading coach
-Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Dowling College 


Maureen Shevlin

"Following all the rules leaves a completed checklist. Following your heart leaves a completed you."!! 

-The Wonderful Maureen has a proficient background in anything and everything possible! 


Teresa Keegan

"It never gets easier, you just get better" 

-Half year Competitive Coach
-Tumble Class and Private Less Instructor
-Suffolk County Community College Cheerleader 

-Former Sachem North Cheerleader & Captain 
-8 years of gymnastics experience 
-"Sparkle" All-Star Competitive Coach 

Angie Apolinaris

Katie Pfaltz


Jennifer Shelorke

"Life's about the Journey, Not the Destination."

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Concussion, Child Abuse, Violence PreventionLICCA/NFSHSA Safety,UCA Smart Coach Program, National Federation of HS Spirit Coaches Level 1, AACCA, NY State Cheerleading Coaching License

-18 years overall cheerleading experience
-Half Year All-Star Team Coach
-High School Cheerleading Coach for 12 years
-Current Babylon Varsity Cheerleading Coach
-West Islip Varsity Cheerleading Alumni
-Former St. Joseph's College Cheerleader
-Assistant Cheer Music Producer
-2013 Invitational Cheer Hawaii USA Coaching Staff
-Active Member of LICCA for 12 Years
-BA in Business Administration and Accounting St Josephs College
-Former West Islip Varsity Cheer Coach (2004 - 2008)
-Former Harborfields Varsity Cheer Coach (2008 - 2013)


Brooke Marsden

"Can't Lose, Won't Lose" 

Certificiations: First AId/CPR, Child Abuse, & Concussion

-USASF Member
-Former Brevard County, FL Competitive Youth League Coach
-Former Palm Bay Senior High School Championship Level Competitive Cheerleader
-1994 - 1997 NCA All-American Team Member
-1996-1997 NCA All-American Nominee for Jumps & Stunting
-Former Tiny and Level 1 Junior Competitive Gymnastics Coach
-Tumble & Stunt Instructor
-Special Needs All-Star Competitive Coach
-Degree in Child & Adolescent Psychology with Minor in Sociology
-18+ years Competitive and Non-Competitive Cheerleading & Gymnastics Experience total.
-SUNY Suffolk and Stonybrook University graduate: Major in Psychology with emphasis on child and adolescent development. Minor in Sociology.  Graduated Magna Cum Laude 


Leah Allen

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, Child Abuse, Concussion 

-Tumble and Stunt Instructor
-Camp Instructor
-8 years competitive cheerleading experience
-Former Level 5 L.I. Cheer All-star
-Former Sachem North competitive cheerleader
-2012 UCA High School National Champion
-Morehead State University Competition Team
-Currently attending The University of Maryland: Graduation May 2016


Allie Cardella

"It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday."

Certifications:First Aid/ CPR, Child Abuse, Concussion 

-All-Star Competition Coach
-Tumble and Stunt Instructor
-Camp & Birthday Party Instructor
-Intro To Cheer/ Cheer Basics Instructor
-Former Captain of the Sachem North Varisty cheerleading team 
-Former level 5 L.I. Cheer All-Star athlete
-10 Years of Competitive Cheerleading Experience
-2011 All-Star Competitive Coach (Youth Level 2)
-Currently attending SUNY Cortland: Graduation in May 2015

Staff - 1 to 15 of 15